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Leisure activities

Kehl is the German neighbouring town of Strasbourg; the ‚Europe Bridge’ connects Kehl with the European metropolis. Because of its location at the border, Kehl was a frequent victim of armed conflicts in the past and was destroyed several times. The Rhine, the long border river, does not separate any more. With the ‘garden of two river banks’, opened on 23 April 2004, and the new pedestrian and bicycle bridge over the Rhine, the "Passerelle des deux Rives", the river has become the centrepiece of a cross-border park covering an area of more than 60 hectares with paths suitable for long walks. On the Kehl side of the Rhine, the 38-meter high ‘silver fir tower’ rises up in the southern part of the park. Whoever takes the trouble of climbing the 210 steps can enjoy, if visibility is good, a beautiful view of the Black Forest and the Vosges Mountains. At the foot of the tower and along the old arm of the Rhine you will find the nicest playground area in Kehl, with a water street, balancing garden, pirate ship, tree houses and a site for skate boarding/in-line skating.

Kehl, located on the Rhine River with its 34,000 inhabitants (about half of whom live in the city proper), presents itself to visitors with the warmth and friendliness of a small town in Baden, where everything is close at hand. In the more rural outlying areas of Kehl, those in search of relaxation will find peace and quiet in the town squares surrounded by half-timbered houses, and also in the countryside. If you are looking for big-city action, bus no. 21 takes you in just a few minutes from Kehl directly to downtown Strasbourg. In Kehl the culinary traditions from the Baden region are highly valued and fostered, and in Strasbourg the same is true of the Alsatian culinary traditions. Gourmets can treat their taste buds on both sides of the Rhine. Specialties are asparagus in early summer, tarte flambée, fresh-water fish or roast beef.

Further information can be found on Kehl’s homepage.


A leisure-time guide, prepared by students for students, can be found here: