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    Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften

Information for Visiting Lecturers

The Administrative Office for the Depts.      
Staff: Ms. Sanders Ms. Misch
Telephone: 07851 / 894-112  07851 / 894-111
Fax:  07851 / 894-120    

105 at Lehrsaalgebäude 1
(1. OG)

Office Hours: 

Monday till Friday
Monday till Thursday

08:00 - 12:00 Uhr
14:00 - 15:30 Uhr


The Administrative Office for the Depts. is your contact point. You can turn to the staff members here for help in all matters. They will help you with your needs and if necessary, will forward the matter to the responsible colleague, or will refer you directly to the colleague in question.
This is especially the case for:


 a) parking c) equipment e) illness / inability to perform services
 b) teaching aids d) guest cards  

The Administrative Services Office      
Staff: Ms. Lux
Telephone: 07851 / 894-119
Fax:  07851 / 894-120    
Room: 107 im Lehrsaalgebäude 1
(1. OG)


Mr. Fluri       Room 152, Lehrsaalgebäude 2  Tel.: 894-118  E-Mail:  
There are parking spaces for you in the parking lot to the west of the University building and in the first row of the parking lot behind the Geiger Company (located on the road B28). Please use only these parking spaces. 

Teaching aids

 Custodian  Room 005, ground floor  Tel.: 894-106  E-Mail:  
 IT Center  Raum 309c, Altbau  Tel.: 894-225  E-Mail:

You can procure your teaching aids through the University. You will receive the necessary material from or through the Administrative Office for the Depts. Copies can be made directly by our in-house printing office, or within a week via an online printing order. To use an online printing order, you need to have a user account set up by the IT Center.