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    Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften

Research Papers

On this page we publish current research papers and articles by Kehl University professors. A list of articles published before 2008 can be found  here (for some, the complete text).

Project of choice 

Analysis from mayoral elections

Prof. Paul Witt
Christina Krause, M.A

Projekt of the Bertelsmann Foundation and KGSt

ABC New Budget Law - A (small) political dictionary

Prof. Edmund Fischer
Kehl University

Project of the Bertelsmann Foundation

Double-Entry Accounting in Municipal Financial Reporting

Prof. Edmund Fischer
Kehl University

Survey of city councilors

"Who are the City Councilors in Baden-Württemberg?"
Overshadowed by higher-level politics – a survey of the situation of city councilors in Baden-Württemberg

Prof. Paul Witt
Christina Krause, M.A.
Dipl.Verw.wirt (FH)
A. Ritter

Survey of city councilors

"Survey of City Councilors in Large Cities"
Overshadowed by higher-level politics – a survey of the situation of city councillors in Freiburg, Mannheim, Stuttgart and Ulm

Prof. Paul Witt
Christina Krause, M.A

Expression of interest in an R+D proposal

Expression of interest in the R+D proposal "Good Governance and Nature Protection"


Prof. Dr. jur. Heinz-Joachim Peters


Katastrophen und Pandemien (Verlagspublikation; in Vorbereitung)

Ralf-Bernd Herden (Hrsg.)


Der Referenten- und Regierungsentwurf eines Bundeskinderschutzgesetzes - noch kein großer Wurf!

Prof. Peter-Christian


Wie frei ist der Amtsvormund?

Prof. Peter-Christian


Zuständigkeit und Kostenerstattung in der Jugendhilfe

Prof. Peter-Christian


Sozialgesetzbuch (SGB) Achtes Buch (VIII)
Kinder- und Jugendhilfe mit
(Bereinigte Fassung mit Stand:01.11.2009)

Prof. Peter-Christian

Article 3/2009

"Synopsis Code of Social Law XII / Code of Social Law II" 
(As of: 15 July 2009)

Prof. Peter-Christian Kunkel

Article 2/2009

"Youth Welfare versus Law Concerning Aliens?"

Prof. Peter-Christian Kunkel

Diskussionspapier 1/2009

Großorient von Baden und Badischer Landeslogenverein von der Gründung 1806 zum Freimaurerverbot 1813 (Verlagspublikation im Jahrbuch "Die Ortenau" 2011, voraussichtlicher Erscheinungstermin Herbst 2011).

Ralf-Bernd Herden

Article 4/2008

"Broadsheets of History" (Publishing house; ISBN 978-3-8370-4991-6)

Ralf-Bernd Herden

Article 2/2008

"Benefit Providers in Youth Welfare
- in a Social-Law Love Triangle or in the Bermuda Triangle?"

Prof. Peter-Christian Kunkel

Article 1/2008

"Child Protection and Data Privacy"

Prof. Peter-Christian Kunkel

Uniform budgetary law

"Municipalities need a uniform budget law based on business management principles"

Prof. Wolfgang Hafner in Meurer/Stephan, Rechnungswesen und Controlling in der öffentlichen Verwaltung

Hamburg Propositions

"A cash accounting system is no longer justifiable in a democratic society."
20 propositions for the necessary change from cash accounting to integrated joint accounting with output-oriented budgeting.

by Prof. Edmund Fischer,et al., Kehl University