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    Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften


The departments are the fundamental organizational units of the University. Each department has a board of directors and a council.

The departmental board of directors manages the department and is in charge of the supervision of research and teaching. It is comprised of the Dean, the Vice-Dean and the Dean of Study Affairs.

The deans are the representatives of the departments. They are the chairpersons of the departmental boards of directors and of the departmental councils. They serve a four-year term of office. Their representatives are the vice-deans.

Furthermore, there are two deans of study affairs. They are particularly responsible for ensuring that a proper and complete range of lectures is offered, in accordance with the curriculum and the University Studies and Examination Regulations. They coordinate departmental advising services and deal with complaints regarding the program of study and examinations.

The departmental council is responsible for all matters of fundamental concern to the department. In particular, they express an opinion with regard to suggested candidates for job openings. Members of the council are the members of the departmental board of directors as well as elected faculty, staff and students.

Kehl University has two departments: "Law and Local Government" (Department 1) and "Business and Economics, IT and Social Sciences" (Department 2).